Saturday, October 2, 2010

Step #7: You are in Control

You are in control. In control of your life. Of your mind. Why not your art too? By saying that, for a fact, you are in control of your art, you are releasing a certain part of yourself. It tells you that you can do what you want instead of what others want you to do. Because it is your art journal. Because you can. It is your mind. Your body. Your hands that are creating. You control them, so you also control your art. Make sense? I believe that control is one of your most important things to have as an artist. You can do what you want to do. And that is fact. Make it do what you want it to. And let yourself know that is true. It's necessary for your mind, soul, and body to know that you are in control and there is nothing they can do about it. You have control of your brain and your brain controls your hands and the rest of your body. When you have control over your mind and your soul, then the control of your body comes naturally. Make your hands move to the places you want to and use what you want them to. Make your pages do what you want them to. Be in control. Think back to before you started trying to gain control. How exactly did you feel about starting out on an endeavor that big - gaining control of your mind and of your motions? Were you scared? Worried? Excited? Impatient? Make an art journal page in your journal about gaining control. I'm serious. That's what your art journal is for. Experimenting. Cataloguing your emotions. Your feelings. Your understanding about a certain project. When you get these special feelings under your roof and within your grasp, then you start to gain more control. Not only of your body and of your though process, but of the way your art looks as well. Trust me. I know. You can gain control. You can. I know it. If I can do it, then trust me, anybody can! I've experimented with styles and thought processes for a while before I gained full control. You might take a while too, or you might only take a day. It's sort of a personal process. The time that passes in between could also be an interesting aspect to let free on a page as well. So take control of yourself. Of your life. Of your world. Of your art.

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