Sunday, October 3, 2010

Step #8: Breaking Your Boundaries

Personal boundaries are probably one of the hardest things that you'll ever have to overcome in the process of freeing yourself. When you start doing anything creative, what automatically happens is that you set boundaries onto yourself that you caution yourself not to cross. And when you get too close then your thoughts and your mind start to yell out cautions... threaten even. But I recommend that you ignore those little naggings and keep on going - they are just holding you back from your future in art. If they are even slightly threatening, don't worry - they are just empty threats. This is your mind trying to stop you from getting embarrassed. Since when can you learn anything without being proven wrong at times? We wouldn't know the entire scientific world as we do if there weren't a couple of people being proven wrong. Even the greatest scientists of all time made major mistakes that unfortunately reduced the advance of science greatly for years. But they also made major discoveries that advanced science greatly. So as you can see, even in science, people make mistakes. But they also make discoveries. It is the very same way in art. Exactly. If you decide to experiment with something in your creative endeavors, whether it be transfers; packing tape, gel medium, mod podge, or create your own method; if you want to try using a new kind of paint, craft paint, student grade, and artist grade, to see the difference; or anything else in the entire creative world that will advance your skills. Anything that you didn't think you could do before, you can magically do now. And all you needed to do was break those boundaries. They were holding you back. They weren't supporting you in the least. All they were doing were telling you what you couldn't do. They weren't thinking about the times when you didn't listen and things worked out fine. Better than that, you might decide that your very favorite art journal pages are created when you ignore the boundaries in your life. Break out of the holds that are taking advantage of your weakness and faults. And take control.

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